Breast Cancer Detection

Breast cancer detection is now part of my life. Is it part of yours?

The Day My World Changed

So there I was, going about my busy daily routine, when one day I got a phone call that would change the direction of my life. One of my best friends, Jo, asked me to come over, as she had some news for me. Once seated, I felt the world stop when she said "Suzie, I have got breast cancer".

Naturally there was shock, disbelief, tears and fear. This was followed by months of Doctors' visits, appointments, blood tests, scans and x-rays. As a friend, all I could do was support where I could. A double mastectomy was performed, and then along came the chemotherapy.

Jo lost her hair, but looked great in her wig and headscarves. Her gums were sore and red, and generally her skin was sensitive to touch. Her body ached and she had tenderness in specific areas, for a long time after the chemo.

I had the privileged position as a friend being involved on the sidelines, to be part of the journey. I saw how traumatic and energy draining the ordeal was for Jo and her family. This was to go on for many months, with her energy only returning a couple of years later.

Message Of Breast Cancer Detection Not Received

Over this time, I talked to other friends and it became obvious that none of us did regular breast examination for ourselves. It never occurred to us to make self breast exam part of our life. So why didn't we? Why weren't we? Why had we not realised the importance of breast cancer detection and breast examination? Did it not make sense that the earlier you found a breast lump, or noticed nipple discharge, or breast swelling, the better?

This isn't to say that early detection solves everything, for it doesn't. However, I would think that it would increase the options available and give more time to research treatment that could be taken.

If there was a message out in society encouraging us to be proactive, we were not receiving it. On further discussion over a coffee or two, we ladies realised we didn't know how to do a breast examination, let alone when to do it. I have since come to realise, that it should be part of every women's health routine.

I Am The Same As Others - I Am Guilty

Breast cancer detection, was not high up on my list of things to think about. I'm going to be quite honest in saying that not many years ago, I was like most other women I had came across. I was not up to date with women's health issues, and really didn't understand why I needed to be.

I was guilty of giving little thought to my own breast health. I didn't know the warning signs of cancer. I didn't have an annual clinical breast examination, nor did I do regular self breast exam at home (also called BSE). I was far too busy doing, what busy women do, to be thinking about thoughts like that!

Breast Cancer did not come up much in conversation with friends. Life was full for everyone. My friends' had children of all ages needing to be cared for. There were the usual school runs, sports, homes to organise, family commitments, husbands to support, as well as work schedules to juggle around. A regular day in a regular life, with little time for women to focus on themselves or their health. Sound familiar?

Turn Over A New Leaf

Early breast cancer detection is vital for women to help themselves. I aim to inform you about the causes of breast cancer, risk factors, the how and when to do self breast exam, the types of breast disease, diet and fitness, and many other interesting topics , while finding proactive ways to reduce your chances by knowing the signs of breast cancer. Men are also included!

I want to encourage you in your quest to better understand your breast health, as I have. By educating yourself, you are better able to support your family and friends with breast cancer, because it is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when. So are you ready? Let's go!

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