by Jessie
(Arkansas, USA)

Hello! Im not really sure how to begin or even how to go about telling my story so I suppose Ill just dive in! A couple of months ago while in the shower, I noticed a breast lump in my left breast, next to my nipple. It was smaller than a pea and caused no pain so I didnt think too much about it. However, a few weeks ago I noticed that it seemed to have gotten bigger (about the size of a pea). So, I scheduled an appt at a local clinic. After examination, the doctor reported that it was 2cm by 2cm, hard, mobile, painless. Next week I will be getting a mammogram, possibly and ultrasound and possibly to speak with a surgeon(depending on the findings). I have read everything I can on the internet about what it could be. Statistically it is probally harmless but even constant reassurance does not lessen the anxiety that I have been dealing with. I am also a smoker. One that started at an early age. Nothing I read online linked breast cancer with smoking but once again, it doesnt lessen my fears. I will post a continuance of my story as soon as I find out what this thing is. I suppose I just wanted to write my story to A) get it off my chest B) to let other women know that there are many more that feel the same fears. I wish that there were more websites designed for women to share their stories...even if, like me, they are unsure of what is wrong but they know that something is. The thought of something seemingly foreign and possibly harmful in my body, in my breast for Gods sake, is not only terrifying, it is overwhelming. To read the stories of women who are battling or facing the battle of breast cancer are unbelievable. GOD BLESS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! My thoughts and prays are with you ladies. Keep your heads up....You are strong...You are beautiful...You are wonderful.


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Aug 21, 2008
Breast Lump Causing Concern at 27
by: Suzanne Early

Hi Jessie. Thank you so much for being so brave and sharing your story. I feel for you at this worrying time of concern and congratulate you on being so proactive! We all send you good wishes and thoughts for the next few weeks. Thank you for baring your soul for others Jessie, and good luck for your days ahead.

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