A Week of Pain

by Jeanette

I am a 22 year old college student. I found a lymph node underneath my arm about a week ago. The level of pain the pea-sized node had strung upon me had increased drastically so I went to see my doctor. My doctor politely informed me not to worry so much its a lymph node and will probably go away after applying a heating pad to the area. I did as she said and to my surprise the pain got worst. For the next couple of days I lye around contemplating on whether I should pay my doctor another visit or should I just wait and see what happens. My boyfriend suggested I see the doctor again but there was only one problem, I didn't want to know the results. After the 6th day which was a sunday I had finally given in to making an appointment the next day. That monday morning my period had came which left me in bed until that evening. When I had finally awaken I found two things, one I felt NO pain under my arm, and two I saw no lymph node! It turns out the lymph node had formed due to hormonal changes within my body. What a relief!

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