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Ever gone on a website and wondered "who wrote this, where is the about me page, what is their name, where do they live and why has she chosen to write about this for?"

Yes, me too, plenty of times. So Id like to introduce myself to you. I am Suzanne Early, usually called Suzie. I live in New Zealand, and am a proud Kiwi. Let me tell you about myself and about my breast cancer detection mission.

signf of breast cancer

What about me? Well, Ive done varying things in my life from being a piano player in a dance band, international nanny, office administrator, adult educator, through to studying and qualifying in ballroom dance in London, while being an international traveller.

At the moment I am encouraging women all over the world to take more interest in their breast health, by doing self breast exams. I want women to be aware of the signs of breast cancer, so they can increase their chances with early breast cancer detection. Not only for their own sakes, but for the sake of their family.

I am not a doctor or nurse, but I did study nursing when I was eighteen. I was too young and inexperienced to deal with the grief and pain I witnessed in hospital. I needed to have more life experience before going nursing, and was told that by mature nurses. But being young and eager, I just wanted to get on with it! I should have listened. There is a saying, you can't put a old head on young shoulders!

Although I did not end up with a medical qualification, the nurse inside me wants to help others, especially in the interests of womens breast health.

When my friend Jo told me she had breast cancer, it turned my life around. Breast cancer became a focus for me to help others, so that they might not have to go through what Jo did. I am passionate in my cause and hope that by talking to others, I am able to share and educate other women, in a down to earth, friendly manner, without going down the diagnosis and treatment routes. That is best left for medical professionals.

It is great to be involved with the message of early breast cancer detection and with encouraging women to understand more about the signs of breast cancer. And what about me, do I do self breast exams every month? Yes I do. This could save not only my life, but also yours.

I am now in my early 40's, and apart from focusing on breast cancer detection, I am considering what new things I might like to do or learn this year. I wonder if I might have an urge to go latin dancing again, or perhaps take our Bishon Frise called Millie, to agility classes, or I might even plan a new travel adventure with Peter and our friends, so lots to think about.

I hope by now that you know a little more about me, and are reassured that I am real, I am professional in my thoughts and business, and can be contacted. Perhaps you have connected with me on some level, maybe it was the thought of dancing to your own favourite music, or thinking of travel to some far off place. Whatever it was, I hope you enjoyed the moment and that you come back to my website soon.


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