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Contribute to Breast Cancer Detection

Would you like to share your knowledge about breast cancer detection? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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oil cyst

After breast reduction surgery I had a lump appear in one breast. A mammogram and ultra sound they think it is an oil cyst. It's been 1 year, 11 months.

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second time round breast cancer, this time it was pagets disease

I am a 42 year old women who experienced her first bout of breast cancer back in 2004. Under went lumpectomy followed by radiation. I had been clear for

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Karen Jones breast cancer story

Breast Cancer Survivor Karen E. Jones I am a two and a half year breast cancer survivor. Luckily, my cancer was caught by my yearly mammogram and was

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Breast cancer support when you least expect it

This online post is one of a number of stories shared with AstraZeneca by women who have been diagnosed with and treated for early breast cancer. “Breast

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A Week of Pain

I am a 22 year old college student. I found a lymph node underneath my arm about a week ago. The level of pain the pea-sized node had strung upon me

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Like To Bake Biscuits, Cookies or Cake?

Women with breast cancer often don't have energy to bake, so whip up something, or buy, to help support.

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Cook A Meal For Friend With Breast Cancer

Cancer treatment is tiring and if husband works all day, a cooked meal would be welcome!

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Progress Biking

Not finding it any easier cycling up gentle inclines, but using higher gears - progress!

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Got to love cycling!

After biking Otago Rail Trail, I now feel restless - am I addicted to cycling?

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3 Sleeps To Go

Weather not looking great for cycling rail trail - Nor West winds and Southerly rain - fingers crossed forecast is wrong!

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4 sleeps to go

Trusty travel back pack is ready for Wednesday - its amasing how heavy it is with just the basics!

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5 Sleeps To Go

Not long now - just a few sleeps to go until I cycle Otago Rail Trail in southern New Zealand!

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Breast Cancer Screening News

Mammogram, breast thermography and ultrasound are tools in your breast health toolbox along with self breast exam.

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Breast Cancer Pink Marketing

Pink ribbon for breast cancer raises awareness and money - where are your dollars going?

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Walks, Runs, Activites - Breast Awareness October

What are you doing to promote breast cancer awareness in October? Walks, events, runs, activites?

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Mammogram Thermography & Ultrasound

Latest breast screening news on mammogram, thermography and ultrasound.

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Obesity leads cancer cause

Obesity found to be a leading cause of cancer in men and women. Get moving!

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Prostrate Cancer

September is prostrate cancer awareness month - Men get yourself checked!

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Men Check Breasts

Attention all men - did you realise males can have breast cancer? Do you know what to look for?

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Love me love my shirt

I have bought a cycling shirt - fabric that breaths, firm fitting - aerodynamic? It doesnt hide anything so one reseambles a stuffed sausage - but I will be going too fast for anyone to notice - well thats the plan!

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Cycling Brings Smiles

Cycling makes me smile, its liberating, rewarding, fun and doesnt feel like exercise due to the fun factor - thats the secret - find something you enjoy and it wont be an exercise chore!

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Optimisim and positive attitude lengthens life

Are you optimistic and upbeat or pessimistic, cynical and hostile? Research indicates women with a positive attitude live longer.

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Checked your breasts lately?

Arms up, it's that time again - your breast exam reminder. Regular quick checks mean you can cross that off your to-do list!

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Spring into Spring with your health diet fitness

Blue sky and sunshine gives that "great to be alive" feeling, inspiring walks, cycling and salads!

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Triple negative breast cancer difficult to treat

Dr Lisa Newman travels to Ghana to collaborate and discover the origin of aggressive triple negative breast cancer TNBC.

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Artistic bra creations raise money for breast health center

Creative artisic bras decorated for fun competition increases breast cancer awareness and funds for breast health center.

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Breast cancer risk with high glycemic diet

Eat lots of carbohydrates? Overall "glycemic load" impacts chances of developing breast cancer. Aim for low GI food.

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Zumba helps cancer patient

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's learning to dance in the rain."

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Migraines may reduce breast cancer risk

Research suggests migraine suffers have a 26% lower risk of breast cancer, due to some migraine triggers possibly reducing estrogen levels.

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Omega 3 reduces breast cancer risk

Pre and post menopausal women benefit from omega 3 by consuming fish high in fatty acids, reducing their risk of breast cancer.

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Accupunture may help with cancer side effects

Breast cancer treatment can mean hot flushes for many women, an unwelcome side effect! It is thought that accupunture may provide effective relief.

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2.5 million win for woman with breast cancer

Nicky Cusack, a single mother of four and breast cancer patient experiencing chemotherapy and radiotherapy, wins lotto!

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Phil Mickelson's double blow with breast cancer.

Phil Mickelson's mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, just weeks after his wife Amy was diagnosed, had surgery and is starting treatment for her own breast cancer.

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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Digital infrared thermal imaging is used to display hot spots. It is radiation free, painless, non invasive and can be used to help detect changes to your breast tissue.

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Mushroom Consumption May Decrease Breast Cancer

Are you a mushroom fan? Research has found that consumption of mushrooms may reduce the risk of breast cancer by two thirds, due to their cancer fighting properties. Mushrooms are thought to strengthen your immune system, reduce the production of estrogen and may reduce out of control cell growth.

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Breast Examination on Virtual Patient

Medical students are using a virtual patient to learn and practice conducting breast examinations. Scripts are written by medical educators for the virtual patient, who can communicate using speech and gestures. This can help medical students increase confidence in performing breast examination.

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Four Crucial Stages Of Womens Health

Womens health issues are divided into four important stages - 18-30 (acne, diet, birth control, pregnancy, menstural problems), 30-50 (fertility, parenting, weight, depression, sexual health), 50-70 (heart, menopause, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis), 70 plus (arthritis, memory, sleep disorders and nutrition).

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New ultrasound treatment for uterine fibroids

New treatment is being tested targeting certain types of uterine fibroids with ultrasound waves that heat and destroy, meaning less invasive surgery.

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Done your breast exam lately? Check 'em.

Arms up girls, it's that time again. Learn how and when to do your breast exam. Empower yourself and check your breast's on a regular basis for your breast health.

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Current Health News On Breast Cancer And Awareness

Whats the latest current health news on breast cancer and other breast related issues? Find great health news articles and information about breasts.

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Breast Cancer Causes Family State Of Shock

Hearing you might have breast cancer causes a huge upheaval in your life, as well as your families. Most women enter a state of shock, saying they feel completely numb.

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Techniques Of Massage Help Lymphatic Drainage

Techniques of massage vary depending if you would like a reflexology foot massage, face massage, stone massage, sports massage or a pampering nurturing massage. Lymphatic massage can help with symptoms of breast cancer.

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I Like To Move It So Shake Your Tail Feather

I like to move it and groove it by dancing. It doesn't matter if it is ballroom, rock and roll or latin. Exercise helps to lower your estrogen level and reduce your risk of breast cancer, so get off the couch.

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Pilates Moves Gives Strength Against Breast Cancer

Fancy some pilates moves or to be a pilates performer? Pilates for beginners is gentle exercise for everyone and great for women having had breast cancer.

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Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil Wouldn't Be Without It

I don't necessarily think about the health benefits of flaxseed oil as I wave a bottle around, as if I was Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey or some other up and coming kitchen whizz. Tossing my salad I wonder why are these oils becoming popular.

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Mini Wine Bottles

Mini wine bottles are fantastic. I am partial to a glass of red red wine and like to think there are health benefits of wine to allow me to enjoy my glass more, knowing antioxidants may minimise my risk of breast cancer.

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Chocolate Models Of Yumminess May Help Breast Cancer

Chocolate models of yumminess filled with antioxidants, mean there are health benefits of chocolate, and may help symptoms of breast cancer. No need to feel guilty by enjoying dark chocolate candy.

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Health Benefits Of Coffee Help Justify My Daily Java

I love my morning coffee so I am determined to find some health benefits of coffee to justify my cup! Nothing beats the aroma. My coffee mate puts our coffee pot on at 6am, so by 6.15am I am enjoying the taste and smell of my cuppa whilst watching the morning news on TV.

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