Breast Cancer Facts

Ever wondered about basic breast cancer facts and what some of the breast cancer risk factors are? After my friend Jo was diagnosed, I had questions going around in my head about what causes breast cancer, what were the risk factors and wondered about the signs of breast cancer. Now armed with information about breast cancer facts and listening to doctors, I understand more about what I can do, to help myself.

causes of breast cancer and breast cancer facts

What Is Breast Cancer ?

Breast cancer starts as a single abnormal cell that multiplies out of control, growing slowly or aggressively. Cancer can be found in the sacs where the production of milk is done, or in the ducts carrying the milk to the nipple. Malignant cells can end up in the lymph nodes, meaning they can travel through the lymphatic system, spreading to other parts of the body, where new tumors can grow.

The fact is, there is no one single type of breast disease, rather there are different types of breast cancer, such as Pagets disease of the nipple and Inflamatory breast cancer. These can present different symptoms of breast cancer, so women need to be familiar with womens health issues and their breast health, so they know what to look out for.

Signs of breast cancer can vary, including swollen lymph nodes, nipple discharge, breast swelling, breast tenderness, a breast lump,nipple eczema, breast discharge,or possibly an inflammed area of the breast.

breast cancer facts and breast cancer causes

What Causes Breast Cancer?

Many factors are thought to be possible breast cancer causes, such as the environment, our lifestyle, genetics, smoking, diet, obesity, alcohol, chemicals and carcinogens like asbestos. Whilst it would be difficult to pin point a single breast cancer cause, I think by being aware of possible things that may encourage breast cancer, its makes us more careful about the choices we make.

Most early stage breast cancers are curable. The type and stage of breast cancer, can dictate some of the treatment options. The earlier breast changes are noticed, the more options you have available. So, if you are one of those ladies who does not do breast examinations, it's time you started.

breast cancer causes

Basic Breast Cancer Facts

  • Breast cancer occurs mainly in women.
  • The risk for breast cancer increases with age and is thought to be more aggressive in a younger woman, especially inflammatory breast cancer.
  • If you have had breast cancer in one breast, there is a greater chance of getting cancer in a different part of that breast or the other breast.
  • A small percentage of breast cancer is hereditary. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are dominant genes. Family with these genes have increased risk of developing breast cancer. Genetic testing is possible to determine this.

  • Women who start their periods early have risk due to increased exposure to the hormone estrogen.
  • Women who have late menopause also have increased chance with having long term estrogen exposure.
  • Having children later in life or
  • Having had no children at all or
  • Not breast feeding, all due to estrogen hormone levels.
  • Men are able to get breast cancer, although less common. There may be increased risk with men who have prostate cancer.
  • It is possible that low fat diets may reduce breast cancer risks and of it returning. Even if the low fat benefits may just be to general health, checking your fat in take has to be a good thing.
  • Women who eat regular amounts of broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and kale are thought to be at less risk than women who eat few or none of them.
  • Risk increased due to exposure to chemicals, pesticides, and some cleaning products and cosmetics.
  • Alcohol increases breast cancer risk factors. The more often you drink, the more drinks you have, the more the risk. What Grandma said about moderation, applies here.
  • There is elevated risk with active and secondhand smoking so get the support you need and quit, or remove yourself from the area, whilst others smoke. Have a smoke free policy in your car and home. Visitors can smoke outside, and too bad if they get cold tootsies in the winter cold.

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It's Time

Get to grips with basic breast cancer facts, risk factors of breast cancer and causes, so you and others can get the most out of life, because you deserve it!

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