Breast Exam For Women

Breast exam seems to be something that women either do, or don't do. Women either haven't been educated or encouraged to try, or they don't like the idea of doing a monthly routine, and would rather not know they might have symptoms of cancer.

As mothers and educators to daughters, and sister to family and friends, it's time we raised our hands, to take responsibility of our health and pass on our knowledge and encouragement to others. Leading by example we can help other women be more proactive in their life and with their breast health.

Breast Basics With Video Clips
There are various schools of thought about doing breast self exam. Some women wonder if this is normal and may feel a bit weird about doing it. Relax. It is normal and you will feel more comfortable, taking control of your breast health.

How to perform my BSE
Use the pads of your fingers, doing a massaging type of movement, using variations of pressure. Arms here, hands do you know how to do your examination with confidence?

When To Do My Self Breast Exam
Sore breasts are a common issue for women all over the world. Because of your breast tenderness due to your cycle, it's the last thing you want to do around period time! So when is a good time?

Partner Assisted
No girls, I haven't lost the plot by suggesting this, and hope the video clips help. Many women experience a understandable fear, and having a partner giving support, can assist in making women feel more comfortable.

Breast Tenderness In Young Adults
It's not easy being a young woman growing up. There is a constant roller coaster ride of emotions to feel and experiences to go through. Hormones are erratic, skin problems seem continual and your moods are up and down.

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