Breast Lumps, Your Breast Cancer

Breast lumps and cancer strike fear straight into the heart of a woman. To be told that your lumps are signs of breast cancer is devastating.

Malignant breast lumps start their life as a single cell, which then multiplies out of control to become a malignant lump of abnormal tissue, in your breast or armpit.

Breast cancer usually starts in your ducts that carries milk to your nipple, or the sac where milk is produced. Cancer cells can spread via your lymphatic system to other parts of your body, that is to say it has metastasised.

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Cancerous lumps are often painless, irregular shaped and hard. Sometimes it may feel like your lumps can move. This is confusing because it may be the regular surrounding breast tissue. Age is no barrier to breast cancer, and whilst it is usually a woman's disease, it is possible for a man to have male breast cancer.

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You may or may not even have a breast lump. Breast cancer can be possible either way and can be accompanied with varying symptoms such as nipple discharge, breast indentations, puckering, inverted nipple, breast swelling, breast discharge and swollen lymph nodes. However special mention of two forms of breast cancer is important, as they are not widely known by women.

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Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) does not necessarily present a breast lump and therefore can go undetected. Inflammatory breast cancer is where the cancer cells invade your lymph vessels in your skin, making it looked inflammed. It is a less common, but highly aggressive disease, needing prompt attention and treatment.

If you are concerned please seek medical advice urgently and insist that inflammatory breast cancer be considered.

Symptoms can include

  • One breast larger than the other
  • Breast pain
  • Redness as if infected
  • Warmth and breast swelling
  • Rapid increase in breast size
  • Itching
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Nipple flattening
  • Change in areola colour
  • Dimpling of the skin like orange peel

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Pagets Disease

Pagets disease is an uncommon breast cancer. Some women have been found to have a breast lump they were not aware of. Pagets disease appears on and around your nipple. You may have something that appears minor, such as a possible insect bite or small sore, however you need to seek medical advice straight away and insist that Pagets disease be considered.

Symptoms can include

  • Nipple eczema
  • Inverted nipple
  • Breast rash
  • Nipple discharge
  • Itching
  • Sensitivity
  • Change in nipple area colour
  • Burning

A clinical breast exam, biopsy, mammogram, and thermography can be done to find out the details about the type of lump you may have. Treatment would depend on the results of tests and mutual consultation between all parties.

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Breast Cream

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If you had a choice, how would you find it?

A breast lump may be your only sign of breast cancer. It might have been discovered by going for a routine medical visit, or maybe at home by yourself. Sometimes you are made aware of a lump by bumping yourself, noticing discomfort, or doing a chance movement that makes you aware of something feeling not quite right, as often is the case. However, some women find their lump or breast changes by doing deliberate monthly self breast exam.

Please remember that finding a lump in your breast does not necessarily mean breast cancer. A single breast cyst, complex breast cysts, breast calcification or a fibroad may be the cause of your breast lump. Cysts, fibroads and calcification's are common in women, and a visit to your medical professional can help put your mind at ease

My personal hope is that when a woman makes the discovery of changes in her breast or lump, it has been through doing her regular self breast exam. If only women realised and understood that by doing this, it could save their lives. I raise my glass of red, well ok, maybe two glasses, to any women being proactive in her health. Cheers ladies !

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