Breast Self Exam
Checked Your Breasts Lately?

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Done your breast self exam recently? Know what it is? BSE needs to be part of your life, because doing them could save it.

There are various schools of thought about doing BSE (breast self exam). There are also different types of breast cancer. Ladies, are you aware of the many signs of breast cancer? Do you know what they are?

Doing a regular breast self exam means you can monitor your breasts regularly and know what is normal for yourself. Some of us may have a problem with doing breast examination wondering "Is this normal?", "Is this natural to be doing this?", "Gosh, I feel a bit uncomfortable with this", "I feel weird touching my breast!" "Oh no, really? Do I really have to look at myself and my breasts in the mirror?"

Yes girls, you do. Remember, no one else has to see you do this. Take the phone off the hook and pull the curtains closed. Make yourself comfortable and just take your time. The more you do your breast self exam, the quicker and more confident you will be to do them. Relax, you are not doing anything weird. You are simply being proactive in your health and hip hip hooray for you! Well done!

My personal view is, if a woman does regular monthly breast examination, then its possible any breast lump found, would be at an earlier stage and of smaller size, than what it would be, without doing regular BSE. This means there will be more options available for help given and treatment needed.

Let me help answer some of your questions like "when do I do my self breast exam?", "how will I feel a breast lump?" "how do I perform my breast examination?" and "can my partner help me?". I am going to cover those issues as we go over the best way for you to do your breast exam. Let's gently ease you into the process. Come with me as we got through what you need to know. Lets go!

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