Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil
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I don't necessarily think about the health benefits of flaxseed oil as I wave a bottle around, as if I was Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey or some other up and coming kitchen whizz. I am mesmerised by the oil pouring from the bottle, and whilst I toss another creation, I know that I am doing the right thing by being aware of the oil I use, but I don't really know why. So forget the price of oil and let's focus on womens health and nutrition.

Health Benefits Of Flaxseed Oil

Flaxseed oil is a plant source of omega-3. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and the best ones are cold pressed, unrefined and are in a dark bottle to prevent the flaxseed oil going rancid. The oil is easy to put into a shake, dash over salad and vegetables, or smuggle into other dishes if you feel you can't take it directly. If you crush flaxseeds, they can be put in salads, soups, casseroles and endless baking ideas.

Health benefits of flaxseed oil are many, such as helping with inflammation, constipation, cholesterol levels, healthy hair and nails, whilst eczema, dry skin and rash problems can be improved, as well as your emotional health and mental wellbeing. Talk about multi purpose!

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is unusual in that does not get damaged when heated, so it is a great choice for cooking. Make it your number one. Other types of oils receive heat damage when cooked, and are not healthy for us to consume. Some health benefits of coconut oil include a smoother, softer skin, helping us to age gracefully. Coconut oil helps to stimulate your metobolic rate, it supports your immune system, fights infections due to anti bacterial and anti viral properties, it supports many internal organs and assists your thyroid gland to work efficiently,amongst many other things. So add this wonderful taste and flavour to your food!

Health Benefits Of Fish Oil

Whilst fish oil might not be everyones idea of having something yummy, there are many health benefits of fish oil that you might be interested in, such as improvements for women going through menopause, depression, arthritis, inflammation, improving brain function, and helping your skin, hair and immune system just to name a few.

Pregnant women can be advised to have fish oil in their diet, but they do need to be careful in regards to mercury, heavy metals and contaminates. Fish oil capsules can be an alternative, but be sure to buy a good quality product. For most people, eating good healthy fatty fish will be a great sourse of omega-3 - do not eat it raw though. Salmon, sardines, tuna, herring, cod, and trout are some ideas on how to include foods high in fatty acids.

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Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

From crushed or pressed olives, olive oil is one of the good guys. It is a great oil! It can be confusing with all the different types of oil available. The price of oil can vary as well. It is best to shop around and get the best quality you can afford. Keep your oil in a cool dark place to avoid it turning rancid.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is processed the least out of all the different types,and thought to be the best quality. Virgin Oil is from a second processing. Pure olive oil has some processing whilst Light Olive Oil has had quite alot of processing. Women in the mediterranian have lower incidences of breast cancer and olive oil is thought to be a reason why. An ingredient in olive oil is thought to help inhibit some cancer genes.

Bon Appetite!

By grabbing a bottle of oil and using it in your daily cooking, you are helping your body get the many health benefits of flaxseed oil, as you do with coconut, olive and fish oils. Who cares if what you produce is not up to the standard of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey. Mine never is! Whip up your favourite food with healthy oil and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee whilst you wait for your dish to cook, after all, you are protecting your health and happiness!

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