Lymphatic massage at home

by Elisa Tobin
(Florida, USA)

Normally, lymphatic fluid is pumped throughout the body by your natural movement, but if you lead a sedentary lifestyle like so many people do, your system may need some extra help to keep things moving. Lymphatic massage is administered in such a way that it mimics the natural movement of a properly functioning lymphatic system. Some doctors or licensed massage therapists may offer the service, but it's no more difficult than your routine breast self-exam.

1: Start by placing your fingertips in your armpit with your palm flat against your chest. Applying deep pressure, press in and up.

2: Next, press your breast in toward your chest wall and up toward your armpit. Release the breast and let it fall back in place.

3: Hold the breast in place and apply a pumping motion to the top, inside quarter, moving upward toward the neck.

4: Hold the entire breast and pump inward.

Each of these steps should be repeated around 20 times.

To insure your technique is effective, make sure to apply pressure on the initial stroke of each repetition, and then let the breast fall back into its natural position. This will create the desired pumping motion.

Make lymphatic massage a habit. Remember, it's as important to the prevention of breast cancer as a self-exam is to detection.

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