Mini Wine Bottles

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Mini wine bottles are fantastic. I am partial to a glass of red red wine and like to think there are health benefits of wine to allow me to enjoy my glass even more! Like all alcohol drinks, Grandma's advice of moderation applies.

That is one of the reasons I think mini wine bottles are a great idea. You can indulge in your glass of favourite wine yet not feel compelled to finish the bottle with a "waste not want not" way of thinking. Some wine does not taste as good if left to sit in a bottle until the next time you get a chance to enjoy a drink. With a smaller bottle, you do not need to worry about wasteage and spoiling of your wine.

These mini wine bottles also make a great gift to your friend. Try putting them in a basket with some dark chocolate candy , organic decaf coffee or organic coffee beans and some oil, because there are wonderful health benefits of flaxseed oil , and there you go -you have a fabulous special present to give to friends and family.

Mini bottles fit in your pocket easily if doing a "grab and run out the door" sort of thing, or another good option is discretly placing in your handbag - and ladies we all own up to having a handbag that could do the job for that, couldn't we! I have done this myself when unsure on the evening's events, yet do not wish to turn up empty handed. Once or twice I have gone out and taken a big bottle of wine and found that I was the only one with a bottle in my hands. So now I comprimise with mini bottles and my handbag routine has saved me from some embarrassing moments! Click For Breast Cream Information

So are there health benefits of wine? Is white wine better or worse than the health benefits of red wine? In the making of white wine, the skin of the grape is removed in the process. Red wine ends up containing more antioxidant's due to retaining both the seed and skin of the grape. Red wine has flavonoids and one if it's antioxidants, Resveratrol, helps to protect the blood vessels lining your heart. Resveratrol is also believed to reduce bad cholesterol, inflammation and blood clots.

It is thought that drinking several alcohol drinks daily may increase your chance of breast cancer. If you stick to one glass a day your risk is quite low, but it is your choice and you need to balance the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. It is the quantity of alcohol that is drunk that is important. Research and studies are being done to find out more about the link between breast cancer and alcohol drinks, along with the health benefits of red wine and Resveratrol.

So take away the temptation of drinking the complete bottle and try mini wine bottles instead. Enjoy your glass of wine, find some friend's or family to savour the moment with, and relax knowing that one glass is ok.

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