second time round breast cancer, this time it was pagets disease

by kath jones

I am a 42 year old women who experienced her first bout of breast cancer back in 2004. Under went lumpectomy followed by radiation. I had been clear for 7 years, first noticed a red itchy nipple but as I do alot of sport I put it down to just a skin problem. Saw my breast surgeon and had a mammogram, nothing came up from the scan. I got redirected to the dermatologist and was treated for 3 months. Eventually as the creams werent clearing up the problem I had a biopsy. Pagets was diagnosed at the end of Jan this year. I have just come out of hospital after deciding to take control and have a double mascetomy with reconstruction. Im sore but fine. People need to be made more aware of pagets disease, its only because I had breast cancer before that there was more attention given to my symptom .However even then I wasnt correctly diagonosed!!!!
If you feel something isnt right go with your instincts.
I would love to hear from other women who may have had similar experiences.
God Bless
Kath xxxx

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