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Story starters is place for information shared by women and men all over the world, wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. These brave, willing people, are putting their thoughts and feelings out in the open, in the hope that what they have been through or observed, may be of help to someone else. My hope is that these story starters lead on to many stories, empowering, educating and inspiring others. What could you write about? Women are wonderful at giving empathy, compassion and supporting one another. So lead the way for others to follow and know that your story and experiences may indeed change a life. With the greatest appreciation and respect, Suzie.

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Swollen Lymph Nodes, Enlarged Glands And Lymphatic Massage

Have you encountered swollen lymph nodes or lymph node pain? Is regular lymphatic massage part of your routine, or have you experienced the health benefits of lymphatic massage? Feel welcome to share with us, so that we all can increase our own lymph node knowledge.

Let's Talk About Symptoms Of Discharge And Sore Nipples.

Sore nipples or nipple discharge may make for an uncomfortable story. Starters of conversation wouldn't usually kick off with this topic, but women need to cut to the chase. Let's talk about it. You may experience a weeping nipple, crustiness, pain, nipple eczema or rash. Others notice a burning sensation, or an inverted nipple. Have you ever experienced these symptoms?

Rare Inflammatory Breast Cancer Is Aggressive.

No one can imagine the thoughts and feelings that must run through your mind, learning you have this dreadful breast disease. Do you have experience of inflammatory breast cancer?

Benign Breast Lump, Breast Cyst And Breast Calcification.

Have you had a benign breast lump, a breast cyst, breast calcification or fibroadenoma? Breast lumps need investigation, and monitoring by medical professionals, and by self breast exam at home. Would you like to share your story?

Breast Cancer Confirmed

Breast cancer causes a change in your life forever, and the life of the people you share it with, and care about. I appreciate this may be difficult for you, but by sharing your breast journey, you can help to raise awareness of breast disease, which in turn could change one woman's life.

Hard To Understand But Breast Cancer In Men Is Possible.

Breast cancer in men is something for males to get their head around, since it is perceived as a women's health issue. To find a male breast lump causes stress, worry and a anxious round of medical investigations. Do you have experience of male breast cancer and are able to share in order to help us educate men?

Paget's Disease Of The Nipple - Let's Get The Word Out

Have you experienced nipple discharge, sore nipples, an inverted nipple, rash or other nipple breast cancer symptoms? Many women are guilty of not checking this area of their breast, so if you have some helpful advice or experience of Paget's diease, here is the place for you.

Breast Cancer Causes Fears In Kids. How Do We Help Them Adjust?

Breast cancer causes tears for fears in kids, due to mums recent unknown sickness. It is normal for children to enter a state of shock. Behaviour may change as children adjust, processing the information. What's the best way to deal with children coping with mum having breast cancer?

A Rock Of Love. How Does Your Husband Or Partner Support You?

Rock of love, you are to me! Many women think this of their partners. It's all the little things, the cup of tea, reassuring hug, and willingness to do whatever is needed. Do you have any advice, does and dont's, a story, starters on suggestions and ideas to help care for a partner with breast disease?

A Sister Act Of Kindness And Supportive Friends, What Do Yours Do?

A single sister act of kindness, reaching out to sisters, mothers, daughters and friends with breast cancer. What do you do to support? Do you whip up your favourite chicken casserole recipe, or are the no bake cookies recipe more your thing? What does it take to be a supportive friend?

To those who feel they can contribute with story starters to share, experiences to be told and journeys relived, women everywhere thank you very much!

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