Different Types Of Breast Cancer

Different types of breast cancer can present various confusing signs. Breast cancer causes and symptoms can be many, leaving women feeling overwhelmed at what they should and should not be looking for.

Knowing the signs of breast cancer can make you feel empowered. It helps to feel in control of your health. Being breast aware and educated, has to be a good thing. Share your knowledge and encourage your female friends and family to be proactive in their breast health.

Inflammatory breast cancer and Pagets disease are different. In this section I hope to point out breast cancer symptoms, so that you know what to look for when you do your breast examination. A wise women is aware of the signs of breast cancer and does her regular breast self exam. Heres to you and your breast health ladies!

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Inflammatory breast cancer new to you? Did you know that you didn't need to have a breast lump to have breast disease? This type of cancer is a less common, but highly aggressive disease, needing prompt attention and treatment.

Pagets Disease
Pagets disease of the nipple can look like a regular pimple, sore, insect bite, or uninteresting inflammation or infection. There may or may not be an associated lump, but Pagets disease often indicates underlying breast cancer.

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