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My ultrasound of breast tissue involved a pain free medical exam, by something that looks like a computer with a video screen, on a cart with wheels. I needn't have worried about the process. My radiologist was a kindly man who made me feel most comfortable. I lay down on my back, where warmed gel was placed on each breast and a handheld device was firmly moved over one breast at a time, in sections.

My radiologist not only use this device on each breast, he also used it to examine my armpit, with that being one of the lymph node locations. He was looking for swollen lymph glands or changes causing concern.

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High frequency sound waves were used which sends out an echo, almost like a sonar, feeding information back to the computer. This resulted in an image being created on the screen, which I was able to see at the same time - really interesting!

What are breast ultrasound images? They are images to help to show organs and blood vessels inside your body. The images are captured in real time, which is very helpful for radiologists and doctors.

Ultrasound for breast cancer diagnosis can often determine any breast or lymph node abnormalities. It indicates if a problem area is a cyst containing fluid, or a solid mass, and can show any concerning changes in your tissues and organs.

Breast ultrasound images are a great option if you have dense breasts, if you are pregnant and mammograms are not recommended, or where there is a high risk of breast cancer. It is a non invasive, painless process, using no ionizing radiation, and there does not appear to be any side effects.

Another option of interest is thermal imaging. This is what I had done recently and how I came about to be having further investigations concerning my right breast. Click to read about my thermography.

The other great thing about ultrasound, breast biopsy can be performed during your examination. Ultrasound guided breast biopsy is where a needle is used to take breast tissue samples, using the ultrasound to guide the needle to the correct location, helping to pin point problem areas.

What was my result of having a ultrasound of breast tissue? Calcification was observed and will be monitored, but luckily for me, my ultrasound for breast cancer diagnosis was negative. I have gone from feeling absolutely sick with apprehension to relief, then gratitude in knowing that many women leaving the hospital the same day as me, would not have been so lucky to have been given the same results. It is time to count my blessings!

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