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I understood that breast thermography used thermal imaging cameras to enable computerized thermal imaging, but not having had breast thermography performed before, I decided to front up to the thermography machines and experience first hand what happens.

Obviously thermal imagining training is vital for the person responsible for taking the image, but I must say, training was not needed for Jan who greeted me for my appointment. She was warm, friendly and sensitive to my feelings, which made me feel more relaxed.

After removing my clothing to my waist, I was guided to a chair. After some questions and discussion, I was asked to raise my arms, so I clasped them at the back of my head. It was unusual having pictures or images taken where I didn't have to smile at the camera! My chair swiveled around to give the camera the angle it needed.

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The infrared thermal imaging camera was about one metre away from me, and it relayed computerized thermal imaging to a nearby computer, where my thermal imaging vision became a symphony of blue, green, orange, yellow and red, depending on the temperature of the area. Hotter areas may relate to infection, inflammation or cancer.

It was fascinating to see the different areas of my body in different colours. Black and white images were taken as well to accentuate vascular formations and irregularities. It was all very thorough.

Infrared imaging does not have physical contact with you. It is non invasive and is free of radiation, so I left feeling comfortable and pleased that I had experienced something that women need to be aware of and learn about.

I received a phone call a few days later to explain that there was some concern with my right breast. I have had breast lumps, mammograms and biopsy in the past. This time breast ultrasound images were recommended for further investigation, and that will be happening in the next week. So until then, I shall keep my chin up and admire the thermography printing I have of the spectacular colours of my torso.

Keep you posted!

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