The Not So Useless Facts
About Breast Cancer

The not so useless facts about breast cancer....these might not be unusual facts, nor might they be strange facts, however, I feel there are some interesting things to know about this breast disease. So sit yourself down and make some time to learn more, by checking out these sections. You will be pleased you did!

Click for Breast Self Examination Kit information

Click for Breast Self Examination Kit information.

Basic Breast Cancer Facts
Ever wondered about basic breast cancer facts and what some breast cancer risk factors are? I had questions going around in my head about what causes breast cancer, the risk factors involved, and what were the signs of breast cancer.

Doctor Video Clip On One Of Our Womens Health Issues
I have friends who like to see graphics, being visual learners. Here are some short video clips that may help to explain about what is breast cancer, breast cancer facts, signs of breast cancer, symptoms, breast cancer causes, breast self exam and other useful information.

Know The History Of The Breast Cancer Ribbon?
The breast cancer ribbon has worldwide recognition. Ask any woman, and she will identify with the breast cancer ribbon and know what it symbolises. But I doubt many women would know the history behind the pink ribbon. Do you?

Breast Cancer Gene And Genetics
A small percentage of breast cancers are related to genetics with the inherited breast cancer gene. Two dominant genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2. Family members who have these genes have a higher risk of developing breast cancer in their lifetime.

The Various Stages Of Breast Cancer
Axillary lymph nodes and breast tissue can be used to find the type of breast cancer, grade and stage of breast cancer, relating to your tumor, helping to determine what stage you are at in your breast cancer journey.

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Click for Breast Cream information.

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