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I have always thought when it comes to womens health and nutrition, that it's great when a woman can recommend or review something or someone, to another woman. Womens health issues are important to me and I encourage proactive health for all, so here are some recommendations from me to help you.

Electric Body

Speaking of womens health and nutrition, my first recommendation is something that is so divine, I would eat it if I could! My friends who are fellow New Zealanders, Shelley and Denie Hiestand, have made an all-in-one face and eye cream, and skin repair treatment called Electric Body, based on New Zealand Colostrum (from happy, grass-fed, outdoor raised New Zealand cows). Amongst other fantastic things, it also contains Emu Oil, Aloe and Hemp Oil, Colloidal Silver, scent of Orange, Lemon and Vanilla (from cold pressed essential oils) and trace minerals. Absolutely no other hidden ingredients, preservatives, parabens or alcohol. Only pure life-giving ingredients.

In the words of Denie, "Electric Body was inspired by a cancer client of mine. As a health consultant, I see many clients worldwide, and I have always felt there was a connection between the chemicals in skin care and breast cancer, as is becoming evident in recent research. This dear lady implored me to develop a non-toxic skin cream that would help create beautiful healthy skin and be safe. I dedicate my Skin Elixir to her and all those who desire healthy choices." Denie Hiestand

Face Body Cream

Electric Body Skin Elixir glides on effortlessly and a little goes a long way. It has a light non greasy feel to it and smells divine! True! I have to resist putting more on because I love the smell so much. It has a vanilla scent and I honestly could eat this cream! And knowing its ingredients, it wouldn't matter if I did because it's so good for me anyway!

I have also taken to using their Electric Body natural deodorant/body spray. I love to apply it after a shower. It is a non greasy, non-toxic, chemical-free, alcohol-free and metal-free deodorant and skin conditioner for the entire body. It contains pure botanical essential oils of almond, orange and lime. I just spray some into the palm of my hand and massage in.

To check out Shelley and Denies products that I love, Click Here.

Help Is At Hand - A Cool Tool!

Being a woman who believes in proactive health and womens health and nutrition, let me share about a cool tool that will help you. I believe in getting to know your body and to empower yourself with your breast heath. I have found a breast exam pad that makes life a lot easier for me! It is a simple, effective and efficient way to do my breast examination, making it a non event. It works by allowing my fingers to glide across my breast, reducing friction and increasing the sensitivity of the pads of my fingers. My examination aid seems to magnify everything I feel - its amazing. A lump in breast tissue would be found a lot easier by using this self exam pad than without it!

Breast Exam Kit Whilst my twelve year old niece tells me it's like a whoopee cushion, she often has been known to explain to women how to use this cool tool, appreciating its greater purpose. Would you like to learn more about it? Check out the video or listen to the audio about this great breast checking device, so that you too, can be a proactive woman with proactive health!

Your Best Chance Breast Cream

I have been learning about spirulina nutrition and the importance of blue-green algae. Who would have thought this algae fuel would be such a powerhouse! This is important for womens health and nutrition.

Being a busy woman in a whirlwind world, I was delighted to find a breast cream that contains spirulina algae. Knowing more about the benefits of spirulina, I appreciate this wonderful breast cream. I find it is quick and easy to apply since it has a light, non greasy, lotion texture to it. The cream has a gorgeous aroma of natural ingredients making me feel quite indulgent!

I have got into the habit to build a few minutes into my daily routine to spend on myself. I also use this opportunity to give myself a mini breast massage to help stimulate my lymphatic system and lymph drainage. I know it can be difficult for some of us to find time in our busy lives, but honestly, it only takes a few minutes and I know it makes me feel great to know that I am giving my breasts the best chance, to be the best they can be.

I decided to use my breast examination pad, which is such a handy proactive tool, before starting to use my breast cream. This meant I had a point from which I could easily monitor my breast tissue to notice improvements. For me, it's my best bust breast cream!

If you would like to know more about this fabulous spirulina product, read what other women say. Or if you are interested to know the basic benefits of spirulina, find out what I learnt for increased womens health and nutrition.

I know I might sound a bit like a broken record, but womens health and nutrition is so important for us all. Women are the pivot point of family life, and everyone relies on you for everything, so it makes sense to do what you can, in order to help yourself.

Wishing you the very best of breast health,


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